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Unreasonable Leadership is Chartrand's personal saga of what can be accomplished no matter the odds or what conventional wisdom labels as impossible.
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When was the last time someone gave you a reason for not doing something important, for not meeting a deadline, not performing to their best ability or not meeting a specific goal. If you are in a leadership position, chances are you hear reasons or excuses for underachievement fairly regularly.

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In fact, we live in a culture where blame is rife. We blame our colleagues, technology, company culture, transport, you name it, as an excuse for not performing to our best abilities.

And if the reason is compelling or believable enough it will lessen or negate the impact of underperforming, letting us off the hook. And over time, we start believing that the reason is true which then limits what actions we can take to overcome the challenge. Recognising when people are making up reasons or excuses for not performing, or blaming someone or something for not performing is a key skill for the effective leader.

I like to categorise reasons into two groups; reasonable and unreasonable.

UnReasonable Leadership

Unreasonable reasons are obvious, poor excuses that a manager can easily deem as unacceptable and set boundaries for them. As a manager you need to constantly strive to be a challenging yet supportive leader; one who understands a situation is tough but pushes staff to achieve regardless. This can be a difficult but important balance to strike for any manager. Managers need to keep this in mind constantly.

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Great leaders get things done, no matter what the reasons. Along with these concepts, here are two sets of words. This first set further describes the unreasonable leader profile:.

When an unreasonable leader is influencing others to understand and embrace their vision, unreasonable leaders can be described with these adjectives:. Moderate success is never enough, and the status quo is never to be accepted.

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    An Introduction to UnReasonable Leadership

    All proceeds from Unreasonable Leadership go towards education reform through The Chartrand Foundation. It reflects our desire to give back, our belief in the dignity of all people and our commitment to social justice. Working together philanthropically also serves to strengthen and enhance our family relationships.

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    The Chartrand Foundation focuses on education because we believe accessing and acquiring a quality education is the most important step individuals can take toward achieving self-expression, personal freedom and financial independence. Reasonable Vs.

    Craig Groeschel on ‘The Unreasonable Leader’

    Unreasonable Leaders As we compare a reasonable leader with an unreasonable leader, we conclude that a reasonable leader is also a good leader. This first set further describes the unreasonable leader profile: Driven Accountable Determined Self-confident. Passionate Challenging Dynamic Tough.

    Resolute Courageous Curious Able to Adapt. Accessible Constructive Encouraging Inspirational.